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My LGD online freestyle


4 months ago

  • well, dance through a pandemic has been tough, especially with the restriction of public gatherings including dance classes as well as Cyphers. With this, some of us haven't been able to explore our talent as well as express ourselves through it but rather, stay home and at least try to engage in online dance events like dance challenges and competition such as this one in order to keep the dancing spirit afloat. Thank you LGD and dance box studio for helping us keep the flames burning amidst this pandemic. Also, as a student who is still a dependant, it is hard to meet dance mentors and also to attend some gigs due to issues like lack of transport money since I can only get money when I'm at school and since I'm home because of lockdown, there's no money that I actually get from my parents because they claim that I have everything I need at home. Of recent my sisters got Covid, and ever since they recovered there's has been even more restrictions at home concerning leaving to go out, this has also limited the dance videos I make since I wasn't able to meet the people I dance with as well as the camera personnel.
    Nguru Cohen

    Category : Dance Competition


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